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Moving Day at the RT office: part 1 

We are sad to leave, but so excited for what the future holds in the new building!

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I never told you to treat me like a princess I want you to treat me like a dragon, cower in fear before me and get me expensive shiny things

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Pokemon Regions(Transparent)







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cueball kirby and some lines

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This is the Memorial to the Missing and contains over 50,000,000 pennies to represent the lives of each American child abandoned to abortion by a society and a culture that has embraced their destruction. We must prevent the need to add to this memorial. Take a stand. Get involved.

 ”How we treat the least of us defines us.”

"should I use this $500k to help struggling parents and pregnant people or should I put it in a glass box"

How much money have you wasted that could’ve gone to help struggling parents and pregnant women is the better question to ask.

Yeah if i was a struggling parent and I saw that “monument”, you know what I’d do? Break into that fucker and use the money to help my kid get a better life.

Clearly those “charitable” folks aren’t using it on kids that have actually been born.

A few facts that the OP neglected to mention.

a)  The glass box is on the grounds of the Mississippi Baptist Convention building—right across from the Mississippi state capitol. It was placed there deliberately to remind legislators that the Baptist Church—which is very powerful in the South—is staunchly anti-abortion.

b) This wasn’t created by regular people, charitable or otherwise. It was a deliberate and high-profile project of the Convention. Using the services of a construction company that worked free of charge, they erected the glass box in 2006, putting 47 MILLION pennies in it on the day that it opened, thus creating the illusion that many, many people had contributed.

c) Once $500K was collected—back in 2008, by the way, and the photo dates back to 2007—the money was then spent by the Convention, which invested it on a permanent endowment fund for anti-abortion causes, such as assisting with the operations of crisis pregnancy centers.

d) Almost all crisis pregnancy centers are church-sponsored and evangelical in nature.

e) Most crisis pregnancy centers have ties to evangelical maternity homes, adoption lawyers, and private adoption agencies. Any crisis that a woman coming to such a center might be facing would be irrelevant; for the purposes of the center and its affiliates, it is paramount that she have the baby. Babies, especially healthy white babies, are in high demand by would-be adoptive parents, and there is a very small supply.  There are horror stories about women who have been forced continue pregnancies and who have been forced to relinquish, most to evangelical families. Evangelical churches support and encourage this kind of thing. They figure that this way, they win twice over: they save lives AND they get to control how the next generation thinks. 

f) So, to recap.The Baptist Church underwrites the memorial (at least the first 47 million). The funds eventually go back to the Baptist Church, which invests them in businesses that will help produce more goods—babies—for other evangelical businesses, such as adoption agencies and adoption lawyers, AND that will create more religious and political support in the future.

This is NOT a memorial created by heartbroken people, OP. It’s big business. 

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Yesterday at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia it was 80 degrees

Today it snowed for a couple minutes

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Hi, Tumblr! Do you like art? Do you like art of characters you like? Do you like art of characters you like that you don’t have to draw yourself? Then I’d be delighted if you considered commissioning me!

I’ve recently had to cut ties with an abusive family, which means I can no longer rely on them for money. I have a safe place to go and a support network, but my goal is to be able to turn my love of art into a way to support myself. I ask that you all bear with me: this is the first time I’ve done this kind of thing so I’m still feeling out prices and policy (nothing will ever, EVER be changed without a customer knowing about it, by the by).

My dedicated commission page is HERE, including (in the title) the number of slots open, which I will try to keep as up-to-date as possible. Currently I’m only taking ten at a time, with larger pieces in the same order counting as more than one slot so I don’t get several huge orders and get overloaded. Ideally the wait will never be more than a month at most to both secure a spot in line and get your art. If you email me and spots are closed, I’ll keep your message in my inbox for when slots open back up again, but know that if you take this route it may be quite some time before you hear a response from me. 

Thank you all very much and have a lovely day!

You should should give my friend money to draw you art?

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Hi guys! I wanted to inform you about this great thing that is happening!

These smart fellows have devised a way to create cups, straws, mixers, etc that can detect common date rape drugs. This is an amazing idea and it needs funding! The campaign ends in 35 hours and they are a little short on funding. Please, signal boost this or even give a dollar if you can, it’s a great cause and something that will really change the world!


Only 28 hours left! Check this out and spread the word!

donate or signal boost, they still have about a fifth to go!



Hey! This is pretty awesome, so I thought I’d share here. Even if you can’t donate, signal boosting the fuck out of this is important! 


They made the deadline!

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A moment of silence for my state…I wore running shorts to class yesterday.

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